Grouping My Work to Be More Intentional With My Time — Here are the key pillars: 📸 Capture: Article Highlighting, Camera, Meeting Transcription, Note T ⟶
Your Rhythm Of Business (ROB) Is Your FitBit For Your Business: Here Is My Template — Moving fast isn’t enough. Predictability, quality, and velocity (PQV) are all required. An op ⟶
Stop Saying Yes To New Work: Use My 5-Step Triage Process To Do Less & Increase Your Impact — 🗑️I’ve used this framework for years to ensure I wasn’t saying yes to work I would ⟶
Question What Transformative Experiences Will Reshape Your Decisions Identity — Philosopher L.A. Paul argues that transformative experiences challenge traditional philosophical th ⟶
The Two Types of Happiness: My Former Co-Workers Were Chasing The Opposite — Nobel Prize winner Daniel Kahneman separates being happy “in your life” from “abo ⟶
Setting Monthly Cash Flow Goals: Turn It Into a Game — It’s also odd that people tend to budget monthly but set annual income goals. That’s br ⟶
Business Writing vs. Digital Writing: Why You Should Learn Both — 💻 Digital Writing 🎣 Hook The Reader 🌟 Inspire To Action 👀 Make It Skimmable 💼 Busine ⟶
The Comfort Trap — Bad 🚫 Avoiding Change 🎲 Avoiding Risk ⏰ Procrastinating Good 🚀 Get Started 💰 Live Bel ⟶
Key Support Vendors for Solopreneurs — 💰 Accounting — Stop doing your own books in Quickbooks or an Excel spreadsheet. Lots of option ⟶
I Spent $450K Of My Own Money Learning How To Hire On-Demand Talent: Here Are 3 Tips For Solopreneurs — This global talent base has become my fractional R&D department to validate new business ideas ⟶
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