Should Media Be My Business? How Answering This Question Will Help Me Choose My Customer

I continue oscillating between media as the business, demand gen, or some combo.

I care about each of these audiences. Each of these audience sizes can generate seven figures in annual free cash flow. But I can’t peanut butter my time across each. A large audience enables media as the business. A small audience enables media as the demand generation.

🤩 1M: Curious In Life

People who are intellectually curious and interested in exploring new ideas and perspectives.

😢 100K: Unhappy @ Work (Edge Workers)

People dissatisfied with their job. Ready for significant change. Prioritizing freedom.

🧑‍🔧 100: Solo Builders

People building zero-employee businesses. Creative or technical. Obsessed with something.

💼 10: Very Small Business Owners (VSBO)

People running a business with 1 to 20 employees. Plans to stay that way. Small on purpose.

I’ll be committing soon…

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