30-Second ChatGPT Prompt Training — On a whim, I applied the STAR method to ChatGPT prompt construction, and it worked like a charm. He
Unbundling Coaching & University Education — However, the concept of paid coaching can be akin to the college experience - both are bundled with
Solopreneurs Can Build An Automated 24/7 Workforce Using AI Bots & 4x Their Income With These Four Skills — With no employees, there are no responsibilities related to employee benefits, compensation, or rig
Choose Your Own Adventure: Keeping Your Business Small On Purpose Is No Longer Just For Lifestyle Businesses — Freedom and leverage. There is going to be a VSB worth $1B in the next ten years. There was a time
Products Don't Need To Be Perfect To Buy Them: Why ChatGPT Plus Is Bargain — You are gaining 10x the $20 price for a paid subscription in cost savings, revenue generation, or y
Here's How You Can Use Chat Plugins To Address Shortcomings With ChatGPT & LLMs — Properly exposing your business logic and data via a web API is one approach to solving this search
6 Steps To Write A Chat Plugin For ChatGPT & Microsoft Platforms — This is low dev effort and high value — if your API has valuable business logic and data.
Problems Product Managers Face When Building Products With Large Language Models (LLMs): And How To Counter — Emerging techniques to combat these shortcomings include chain of thought (CoT), few-shot prompting
20 Chat Plugin Use Cases That Will Be Table Stakes In 18 Months — Here are 20 use cases that will become table stakes within 18 months. 🙋‍♂️ Answer employee
Chat Plugins: This Seemingly Simple Tech Is Going To Spawn A Whole New Vintage Of Successful Businesses — The tech wasn’t ready. The business model was weak. My pitch didn’t get funded. Boo. Bu
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