The 30-Second Product Requirements Document (PRD): Generative Feature Films — 🔥 Purpose — For visual storytellers who want to TYPE a distribution-ready feature film for $1,
Do Your Priorities Match Your Calendar? 2 Insights I Learned — Outside of “being happy,” the items below are the most consistent priorities I’ve
Don't Phone In Your Job Descriptions: 7 Tips To Write Better JDs That Will Yield Higher Quality Candidates — 🚫 Tip🧐 Tip💡 Tip👷‍♂️ Tip📊 Tip✋ Tip🔄 TipThere’s probably a book or co
Here's how you get money... — 🏢 Asset Buy passive income-generating assets (i.e., bonds, businesses, real estate, stocks) that
Building A Very Small Business With Less Than 20 Employees? Don't Copy Big Companies; Here's Why — Even for these proven categories, selling consumer products can suck. Attention and trust take time
Former Athletes Can Make Great Sales People: Here Are 5 Reasons — One of my positive flags is anyone who was a former college or pro athlete. 🏆🎯🤝🥊⏰
Embrace Rejection: Here's Why This One Behavioral Change Will Make You More Money — My definition of sales is helping someone make a high-confidence decision. This works for candidate
My 3 Dealbreakers When Screening Contractors (Analysts, Design, Devs, PM, Writers) — 🔍 Poor Attention To Detail: I usually ask for two pieces of information (e.g., LinkedIn plus pub
Should Media Be My Business? How Answering This Question Will Help Me Choose My Customer — I care about each of these audiences. Each of these audience sizes can generate seven figures in an
Don't Network: Build Relationship Moats; They're Hard, But Worth It — A better alternative is to invest in relationship moats where you meet strangers, stay in touch, an
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