Embrace Rejection: Here’s Why This One Behavioral Change Will Make You More Money

Peter Drucker said the purpose of a business is to create a customer. As a result, a business has two — and only two — basic functions: make things and sell things. Everything else is support overhead or not needed.

My definition of sales is helping someone make a high-confidence decision. This works for candidates, co-workers, customers, investors, and yourself.

I’m continually surprised by the power anxiety, fear, and uncertainty hold over people who want to avoid becoming great at sales.

Sales is one of the biggest levers to add to an existing talent stack to increase income.

There are plenty of obvious tips on how to become better at sales. Here are a few: Be yourself. Listen. Practice and roleplay. Research. Start small. Stay focused on the customer. All of these are important. But here’s the number one tip.

People willing to consistently keep themselves in a place of discomfort win the game.

Meet strangers. Embrace rejection. Make more money.

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