Entrepreneurs, Career Switchers & Job Seekers: Make Your Industry Dealbreaker List

You can get rich in any industry. However, you can’t predictably get rich in every industry and retain freedom over how you spend your time. In some industries, you can’t even predictably make a living wage.

Here are five attributes that turn me off:

🙈 #1 Opaque Compensation

🚫 #2 Limited Schedule Control & Flexibility

🙅‍♂️ #3 Permission-Based Distribution

🎓 #4 Required Certifications & Credentials

🏆 #5 Status Seeking

I’ve successfully navigated all five of these and no longer find them valuable.

As an entrepreneur or job seeker, it is worth creating your version of my list above. It will help you quickly filter out industries. Then filter again based on company and hiring manager. Or by target customer if you’re an entrepreneur.

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