Solopreneurs Can Build An Automated 24/7 Workforce Using AI Bots & 4x Their Income With These Four Skills

Is a single-person business required to hire employees? No.

With no employees, there are no responsibilities related to employee benefits, compensation, or rights. You can ignore the challenges employers (even small ones) must reconcile to be good stewards of their employee’s careers. Solopreneurs don’t have any of that responsibility.

That frees the solopreneur to focus on delivering customer value. There are four weekly activities I believe create the most leverage for solopreneurs seeking to trade customer value for cash.

📞 #1: Conducting Outbound Sales (Close Deals)

📝 #2: Writing Business Documents (Force Thought Clarity)

🤖 #3: Writing Code (Automate Work)**

🤝 #4: Writing Organic Marketing Content (Build Trust)

Average levels of each of these skills can be acquired in 4-5 years of focused work (as an employee).

My thesis is that people possessing all four of these skills can more than 4x their annual income by quitting their job and becoming a solopreneur.

Most people won’t follow this path, and that makes the people who commit to this path even more valuable in the market.

4x the income without the headache of being an employee. It’s an option.

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