Choose Your Own Adventure: Keeping Your Business Small On Purpose Is No Longer Just For Lifestyle Businesses

Very Small Businesses (VSBs) is a term I use for businesses with 0-20 employees that plan to stay within that range for the life of the business. Why would someone want to own this type of business?

Freedom and leverage.

There is going to be a VSB worth $1B in the next ten years.

There was a time when the only way to even dream of a billion-dollar company was to grow a massive team.

That’s no longer the case.

Automation through AI paired with organic marketing is the unlock.

This doesn’t mean all businesses should be VSBs.

But if you are attracted to small teams with a highly opinionated culture and workstyle that can also generate generational wealth — there is a whole new career path for you to consider.

More control. More freedom. Financial outcomes for founders similar to traditional VC-backed startup success stories.

Small on purpose.

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