The Two Types of Happiness: My Former Co-Workers Were Chasing The Opposite

It’s hard to optimize your happiness if you don’t know which type you’re optimizing for.

Nobel Prize winner Daniel Kahneman separates being happy “in your life” from “about your life.” This results in two types of happiness.

#1 Experienced Happiness

The momentary feeling of pleasure or enjoyment can be driven by sensory experiences. This is the subjective experience of pleasure or enjoyment in the moment, which is often driven by sensory experiences such as good food, social interactions, or weather.

#2 Remembered Happiness

The overall evaluation of one’s life based on the memory of past experiences and the emotions associated with them. This is influenced by the intensity of positive or negative experiences and their duration, frequency, and the way they are remembered.

I’m prioritizing experienced happiness over remembered happiness. This isn’t popular with most people in my social group. That’s okay, but was helpful to realize we were living very different lives.

How are you prioritizing the two types of happiness?

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