Maximize Your Income Potential: Embrace These Four Areas That Others Often Avoid

You can predictably increase your income by embracing these four areas that others often avoid.

💪 #1) Independence & Self-Reliance: Put yourself in control by moving away from companies and industries that require that you move with permission.

📈 #2) Output Causation: Embrace opportunities where your income is directly tied to measurable results.

💼 #3) Ownership (Equity): Own part of the business you work in.

🎲 #4) Risk & Reward: Don’t gamble. At the same time, don’t expect to avoid all risks and still get outsized rewards. Risk and rewards can be measured in advance.

People often avoid investing in these areas due to anxiety, fear, or uncertainty. That’s okay. What’s not realistic is expecting outsized financial rewards if investing in these areas is not for you.

If you do embrace these four areas — there are no limits to your upside.

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