Every 200 Years; Brand New People

History remembers artists, philosophers, and the occasional scientist.

They rarely remember business people or their employees beyond more than a century or so.

I’m unsure how this will change as we rely more on computers for our long-term societal memory.

💝 Regardless, most of us will not be remembered beyond our friends and family.

Even those close to us will largely move on over weeks or months after we die. The ripples are shallow.

This isn’t a grim take or a downer. It’s permission to “just be.” Aphorisms like “live for the moment” get to the essence of the human experience — build meaningful relationships and string together as many happy days as you can. The further I get from working a regular job, the more I realize how silly it was to spend time that way. But all good. I’m back to life’s buffet. Enjoying it. Tasting it.

So get it (life) while you can. Because none of the people you care about will be around for very long. Why…

Every 200 years, it’s brand new people.

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