6 Steps To Write A Chat Plugin For ChatGPT & Microsoft Platforms

Here is how Chat Plugins are built.

#1: Create web API to expose your business logic and data. GraphQL, RESTful, or RPC. You choose.

#2: Create an OpenAPI spec (formerly Swagger) that describes the API endpoints you want to expose.

#3: Create a JSON plugin manifest file that points to the API and spec.

#4: Upload the manifest and spec to the target platform. Today that’s ChatGPT and Microsoft Teams. Later this year, that will extend to Bing Chat, and Windows Copilot. I assume Apple, Meta, and Google will have their versions as well.

#5: Verify and sign the plugin. This is not yet open to the public on ChatGPT.

#6: Promote your plugin and let folks talk to your API in natural language. Early examples include Expedia, Instacart, Kayak, OpenTable, Wolfram, and Zapier.

This is low dev effort and high value — if your API has valuable business logic and data.

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