My name is LaSean Smith and I'm a Seattle-based investor, educator and maker of digital things. I'm drawn to media and its power to invoke emotion and spread ideas. I'm focused on software and its ability to bring more efficiency to almost every aspect of our lives. I'm fascinated by our world, addicted to movies and in love with learning new things. My goal is to fill the world with fresh ideas, new sounds, bold images and captivating words.

Most of my time is spent helping an incredible team build something new at Microsoft Studios. I also manage investments at Rocket Man Ventures. I've been fortunate to work with all sorts of smart folks that have taught me to make better products and be a better person. I have degrees from these places: Salukis, Devils, Hoyas. However, most of what I've learned has come from meeting interesting people and traveling around this place. I hold scheduled office hours on Thursday evenings between 5PM - 9PM (PST). Want to schedule time and discuss what's on your mind? You can reach me at these places: 206-745-0111, Email, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

My advice to anyone who works? Do what excites you. Make something you love. And be happy.