Hi, my name is LaSean Smith. I am a maker and investor. I love to help people tell stories that explore their purpose. Text me at 206-488-1999 if you have a story to tell.

When I travel around the world I meet curious students, hungry entrepreneurs and people looking to improve their careers. One of the first questions I ask when I speak with these individuals, is do you want to be great? I try to help the people who answer yes.

Why? Most of us want to do something special. Most of us want to be great. But life can get hard. One of my goals is to help people move through the hard parts more quickly and make life's journey more rewarding.

So I'll ask you the question. Do you want to be great? If so, here are the three things that I believe you'll need to accelerate your journey.


Hope is the feeling that what we want can (and should) be attained. That requires that we believe in ourselves and what is possible. It's the job of people already winning to inspire others who feel hopeless. That's super important, because the environments we live in are rarely fair and it's easy for hope to be paralyzed by fear. That fear can come in the form of self-doubt, distrust and all sorts of things. Sometimes we fear the potential of failure. Sometimes we fear the potential of success. Nevertheless, fantastic things are possible in life in spite of these challenges, because each of us are more amazing than we give ourselves credit for.


Purpose is the reason we exist and the driver behind why we do things. Once you start to articulate your purpose you'll find it easier to make it through the sucky parts of life. And here's the thing — everyone's life has sucky parts. And even if you've been dealt a crappier hand than most, you can still find happiness once you discover and continue to live your purpose. You can describe your purpose by answering two questions. Who am I? And what do I need to finish before I die? Answering those two questions will help outline a plan to live by. You may not feel you can answer those questions today. Or you may not be happy with the current answers.

Here are a few activities to try if you haven't found your life’s purpose. Visit 5 new places, read 10 non-fictional books and meet 20 new people. You can do this in less than 60 days and with no money. Don't make excuses. Stop watching Netflix, get off of social media and start exploring parts of the world that make you uncomfortable. If you're not a great reader, use audio books. Public libraries in the US have plenty that you can borrow for free. The travel part is important. Getting out of our familiar surroundings helps jar our minds (and hearts) out of our routine. It's great if you can get a Passport and travel to other countries. If you can't afford that then find ways to visit nearby cities. If can't do that then visit nearby neighborhoods. Don't do tourists activities. Move around as if you lived in those places. Start observing these new places in more detail and figure out what you're drawn to, what makes you uncomfortable and what turns you off. Combine your curiosity and those experiences to develop your own unique constitution. That will serve as your life's compass.


Persistence is consistently living your purpose. You do this by taking at least one action that advances your purpose every twenty-four hours. Research has proven that persistence is the number predictor of professional success across almost every field. Here's a great quote from Calvin Coolidge.

Nothing in this world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not: nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not: the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent.


To remain persistent you need a guiding compass. To build a compass you need a purpose. To live your purpose you need hope. This sequence will unlock your dreams. Your life should and can be amazing. Finding your hope, purpose and persistence will help make sure it will be.

Text me your email address at 206-488-1999 if you'd like to chat about anything that gets you excited.

— LaSean